A Brief History of Bankruptcy in America

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My clients often ask me in fits of frustration: how did bankruptcy get to be like this? And I then have the chance to tell them about the storied history of bankruptcy! Usually, they ask this question out of rage at the sheer number of documents they’re asked to produce, but I take it as an opportunity to share the joys of tax law (that is not sarcasm, I love what I do).
But I figured we can all benefit from learning something about the history of bankruptcy. So, I wanted to share with you all some of the greatest developments. What follows is a brief history laid out by the major laws that we’ve created surrounding bankruptcy.

My Time at Faucher Law by Paris

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Before I started at Faucher Law, I was finishing up my MSA (master of science in accounting) at San Diego State University. When I used to tell people about my accounting background, they asked if I liked tax, and my answer was always NO! Now here I am, half a year later, switching my answer: I kind of love tax! Listed below are the most surprising things I have learned at my time at Faucher Law and how they have changed my perspective on tax and bankruptcy.