IRS’ Instagram Account – Biggest Surprises

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Faucher Law recently hired a terrific, new Administrative Assistant. Zoe came up to me the other day and asked “John! Have you seen the IRS’ Instagram account?! And it’s quite good.” Um, no. I didn’t even know the IRS had an Instagram account. I asked Zoe to tell us what she thought about the IRS’ Instagram account. Here’s her take: Read more »

My Time at Faucher Law by Paris

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Before I started at Faucher Law, I was finishing up my MSA (master of science in accounting) at San Diego State University. When I used to tell people about my accounting background, they asked if I liked tax, and my answer was always NO! Now here I am, half a year later, switching my answer: I kind of love tax! Listed below are the most surprising things I have learned at my time at Faucher Law and how they have changed my perspective on tax and bankruptcy.

Should I Cash In Retirement Accounts to Pay off IRS or Credit Card Debt? 

Bankruptcy, Did You Know?, Pre-Bankruptcy Planning

In a word: NO!!! Please: NO! You should never sacrifice your financial security in retirement to pay current debt. Most importantly, bankruptcy allows you to erase credit card and (most) tax debt and keep your retirement accounts. So why would anyone cash in retirement accounts they will need in the future to pay off today’s debts, if today’s debts can be discharged in bankruptcy? Because most people don’t know better.  Read more »

Best Restaurants for Lunch in Westlake Village

Did You Know?, Los Angeles County

I go out for lunch a lot. I need to network, both to keep my name in front of other professionals who may hear of people needing my help, but also to get out of my office and have social interactions with someone other than Sebastian, my Feline Paralegal! Because I lunch so often, I feel qualified to share my list of the best restaurants for a business lunch in and around Westlake Village. Read more>>

Cost of Eggs in Ventura County

Did You Know?

Anyone who’s shopped for eggs in the past few months has no doubt been shocked by the cost of eggs doubling or even tripling, at least in Ventura County, where I live. Why am I buying eggs, especially since I have a flock of hens who give me eggs? Read more>>