IRS Enforcement Priorities: Pursue $900,000 or $9,000?

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The IRS’s enforcement priorities often appear – well – insane. Consider the cases of two current clients: one client owes the IRS $900,000, and the IRS thinks the other client owes $6,000 from a IRA distribution he took the year of the Woolsey Fire. We’re disputing the $6,000: Congress relaxed the rules for people in the disaster zone. Who’s the IRS going after? My client who had to evacuate from his house with the $9,000 tax bill. Huh? Seriously? Read more>>

IRS “Uncollectible” Status

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For anyone who owes back taxes to the IRS, obtaining Uncollectible Status is like reaching a Promised Land for Tax Debtors. It means the IRS has decided to temporarily halt any collection actions against the “uncollectible” tax payer because it’s just not worth it. Read more>>

Why IRS Doesn’t Negotiate Payroll Tax Debt – EVER

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Business owners with payroll tax debt often ask me why the IRS won’t lift its levy or lien. After all, these clients argue, I just need a bit of free cash to invest back into my business, to make the money to pay what I owe. If the IRS cripples my business with liens or levies, then I can’t make the money to repay them. So, why doesn’t the IRS act more like my business partner, let me continue to operate, and make the money to pay them back Read more »