The John Faucher Personal Tax Code

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I’d like to share with you all an excerpt from the Tax Code of John Faucher and Family. I hope this spurs some discussion and thought on the Tax Codes of your own families. And if, in reading this, you realize you may have gone a few years without paying all your feline taxes, give me a call, we can see if a cat creditor bankruptcy could get some of those debts discharged.

IRS’ Instagram Account – Biggest Surprises

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Faucher Law recently hired a terrific, new Administrative Assistant. Zoe came up to me the other day and asked “John! Have you seen the IRS’ Instagram account?! And it’s quite good.” Um, no. I didn’t even know the IRS had an Instagram account. I asked Zoe to tell us what she thought about the IRS’ Instagram account. Here’s her take: Read more »

My Time at Faucher Law by Paris

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Before I started at Faucher Law, I was finishing up my MSA (master of science in accounting) at San Diego State University. When I used to tell people about my accounting background, they asked if I liked tax, and my answer was always NO! Now here I am, half a year later, switching my answer: I kind of love tax! Listed below are the most surprising things I have learned at my time at Faucher Law and how they have changed my perspective on tax and bankruptcy.