Faucher Family Farms Update

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Readers of my blog and newsletter know I have a side-gig in about a dozen hens. I love them and I love the fresh eggs they give me. That’s me with one of the girls. I’ve written about my flock before. Notice the nifty Faucher Family Farms shirt Karen got me for Christmas. Read more »

Why You Should Give IRS As Much Documentation As Possible

IRS, Taxes

There are hundreds of strategies for handling IRS issues. But not all strategies are as effective as others.
A car-repair owner got audited and brought his tax-return preparer (Jim) to handle the audit. The preparer said to give the IRS as little information as possible . “The IRS won’t want to go to trial, and they’ll cave in at the last minute,” he said. But something didn’t seem right Read more »

Why IRS Doesn’t Negotiate Payroll Tax Debt – EVER

IRS, Payroll Taxes, Tax Collection Issues

Business owners with payroll tax debt often ask me why the IRS won’t lift its levy or lien. After all, these clients argue, I just need a bit of free cash to invest back into my business, to make the money to pay what I owe. If the IRS cripples my business with liens or levies, then I can’t make the money to repay them. So, why doesn’t the IRS act more like my business partner, let me continue to operate, and make the money to pay them back Read more »