The Turnip Defense As A Substitute for Bankruptcy


A common strategy for dealing with unmanageable debt is to file bankruptcy. Yet some people don’t have enough money to file bankruptcy. I don’t mean that they can’t afford to pay me (although that happens too), but that their life and financial situations combine in a way that bankruptcy makes no sense. But the turnip defense does. Read more>>

IRS “Uncollectible” Status

IRS, Tax Collection Issues

For anyone who owes back taxes to the IRS, obtaining Uncollectible Status is like reaching a Promised Land for Tax Debtors. It means the IRS has decided to temporarily halt any collection actions against the “uncollectible” tax payer because it’s just not worth it. Read more>>

Faucher Family Farms Update

Did You Know?, In the News

Readers of my blog and newsletter know I have a side-gig in about a dozen hens. I love them and I love the fresh eggs they give me. That’s me with one of the girls. I’ve written about my flock before. Notice the nifty Faucher Family Farms shirt Karen got me for Christmas. Read more »